kerala panchayat election 2015 – Voters list Released

Kerala State Election Commission has released the voters list for the upcoming local body / panchayat election 2015 in Kerala. As per the latest information there are 2.49 crore electorates included with more than 5 lakhs new voters.

The new voters list is available on Kerala State Election Commission web site The new voters can register their names to voters list by online through the web site, voters can also change their address online.

The updated voterslist upto 10 days before the last date of submitting the nominations will be considered as the final voters list for Kerala panchayat election 2015.

Add name to Voters list, Voters list Online Registration

New names can be added / register to the voters list from here;
Add name to Voters list / Change Address in Voters List

Add name to Pravasi Voters list, Pravasi Voters Online Registration

Add name to Pravasi Voters

Pravasi Voters Online Registration
Pravasi Voters list, Add name to Pravasi Voters
Add new names to Voters list
Kerala Panchayat Election 2015 Voters list

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