Kerala Election Results – Exit Poll Result 2016

Kerala Assembly Election on 16th , 2016 recorded as 74% polling. The Kerala election result of 2016 assembly election will be punished on 19th May 2016.

The Kerala Election Exit poll results for 2016 assembly elections are coming out. Exit polls are considered as the forecasting of real result of the assembly elections 2016. The Kerala Assembly Election Exit poll result 2016 helps to get better idea of the coming result after the counting of polled votes.

The leading television channels also participating on the exit polls 2016.

Kerala Assembly Election Exit Poll Result – India CTV Exit Poll

LDF (CPM,CPI,…) – 74-82
UDF (Congress, Muslim Leauge,…) – 54-62
NDA (BJP, BDJS, ..) – 4
Others – 4
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