Rubber subsidy without Aadhaar Card Allowed in Kerala

Rubber subsidy without Aadhaar card, a long demand by rubber farmers, has finally got a green signal. The Kerala government has taken a favorable decision to grant subsidy without Aadhaar Card for the rubber farmers in Kerala. The rubber planters who do not have Aadhaar cards also can now claim their subsidies.

Farmers can register with the scheme with other identification documents from October 1 to 15.
The government also decided to extend the subsidy scheme to farmers selling latex directly along with rubber sheets. This decision will be implemented by next month ( October, 2015). With this the farmers will be given the difference between Rs 142 and the price of latex as fixed by the Rubber Board.

Aadhaar identification was made mandatory for registering online with the scheme in the initial phase to make sure that the advantage would go to the genuine beneficiaries avoiding fake claims. But for widespread complaints that many farmers were left out of the scheme since they do not have Aadhaar cards, the government was forced to make the process more farmer-friendly.
Now they can submit Election Commission’s identity car, driving license, Pan card or passport in the second phase of registering starting October 1. Registration of farmers who have cited their Aadhaar numbers is expected to be completed by September 30. The software has been tweaked to accommodate the applications of the farmers without Aadhaar numbers.

About 2.5 lakhs farmers have registered with the scheme and Rs 5.88 crore has been disbursed as subsidy to 23,000 farmers till September 23,2015.
The state government has set aside Rs 300 crore for the grant of subsidy to rubber farmers. Though about 2.5 farmers have registered with the programme, only half of these applications were vetted and approved of. Currently, subsidies are disbursed for the rubber sold in July.
The farmers whose applications have been approved are submitting bills through the rubber producers’ societies.

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