Navaratri Festival,Vidhyarambham at Paravur Mookambi Temple

Navaratri Festival and Vidhyarambham is an important hindu festival celebration in Kerala. The Dakshina Mookambi Temple at North Paravur in Ernakulam district in Kerala is the most famous saraswathi temple in Kerala celebrating Navaratri festival and Vidyarambham.

Navaratri Festival in Paravur Saraswathi temple will be celebrated on 13th October, 2015 to 23th October 2015.

Vidhyarambham in Dakshina Maookambika Temple in North Parvur

Books can be placed for pooja on the Durgashtami day 20th October, 2015. Vidhyarambham ritual in paravur saraswathi temple begins in the early morning of the Vijayadasami day 23rd October.

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